imagesIt has been observed that some Christians are still not aware that the Holy Image of the Santo Niño represents the true God. They consider Him a mere saint in the same level and category of the other saints. No wonder most towns and barrios celebrate their fiestas with Santo Niño as their “patron saint”. The word “saint” referred to the Santo Niño is basically wrong, a mismomer, because Santo Niño is God and not just a saint.
Father James Mcquire in his article, the Meaning of Bethlehem, an adaptation from the Eternal Galilean by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, clearly narrates:
“The date is December 25, but to the humble man, it is Christmas; the manger is a throne, the straw is royal plumage, the stable is a castle and the Babe is God. He found Wisdom, the Infinite, Immense and Eternal God, because he was humble and ready to believe.”
The faith of the humble man tells him; this child is the Incarnate Word, true God and true Man; He is the creator of the Human race who became man; He needs milk to nourish Him but it is by His hand that the birds of the Heavens are fed; He is born of a Mother, but He is the One who pre-existed His own Mother, and therefore, made her beautiful and sinless, as we would have done for our mother if we but had the power.; He lies upon the straw on earth and yet sustains the universe and reigns in Heaven; He is born in time and yet He existed before all time; Maker of the stars, under stars; Ruler of the earth, an outcast of earth; filling the world, lying in a manger. The proud man and unbeliever sees only a Babe, but the humble man illumined by faith sees God in a little Child which is the Santo Niño. And it is only the humble, simple souls, illumined by faith who will ever understand the reasons for His visitation. He came into this poor earth of ours to carry on an exchange – to say to us, as only the Good God could say; You give me your humanity and I will give you my divinity; you give me your time, and I will give you my eternity; you give Redemption; you give me your broken heart, and I will give you Love; you give me your nothingness, and I will give you my All.”
That is the Señor Santo Niño, the Babe in the Manger. The Child-God who came to us and was unstrumental in making us Christians in this part of the World. It is He who is venerated and adored in the Basilica del Santo Niño, it is He who gave us life to enjoy and it is He who promised His heavenly kingdom. Let us pray therefore, that all men may come to understand this mystery of Infinite Greatness in a Little Child, the Santo Niño!

Santo Niño de Cebu
Compilations of Articles Related to Senor Santo Niño de Cebu
By: Rev. Fr. Ambrosio J. Galindez, O.S.A.

Sinulog 1988