1. The dance entry must depict any theme or concept that is relevant to the Sinulog. Emphasis must be given to the concept of prayer.
2. The Sinulog beat shall be used however slight variations may be allowed. Any other beat is strictly prohibited and only live musical or percussion instrument shall be used. Three points (3) shall be deducted from the total score against any contingent who violates this provision.
3. Dance steps and choreography should be progressive all throughout the parade to facilitate the continuity and orderly flow of the parade. Stationary dancing and facing the judges is strictly prohibited. A five (5) point deduction shall be imposed against any contingent who violates this provision.
4. There shall be judges along the parade route to ensure the continuity of the performance.
5. Props must be relevant to the theme and carried by the dancers.


(choreography, rhythmic patterns, creativity and spatial interest)
EXECUTION ——————————————–10%
(precision coordination, projection and dynamism, fluency, balance and focus)
VISUAL APPEAL—————————————10%
(costume properties and props in use)
AUDIENCE IMPACT ———————————10%
(crowd favorite, well-applauded and appreciated)
(sustainability, consistency and showmanship)

TOTAL ————-50%
Prizes and Awards:
1st – P 1,000,000.00
2nd – P 700,000.00
3rd – P 500,000.00
4th – P 300,000.00
5th – P 200,000.00

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