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  • The candidate must be the Lead Dancer of her contingent and must be a resident of the place/barangay she represents. She must present a proof of her roots/residency (by the mayor/ barangay captain). The candidate must participate during the Grand Parade and the Final Performance on January 20, 2019 – Sunday at the Grand Street Parade and Showdown at the Cebu City Sports Center. Failure to dance during the said event will mean automatic disqualification and revocation of award and prizes.
  • The candidate must be single. Single unwed mothers are not qualified to join the contest.
  • The candidate must be between 14-24 years old.
  • The candidate must be at least 5ft 3’’ on flats. Disqualification will be the sanction if not.
  • The candidate must be of good moral character as certified by her Delegation Head.
  • The contingent to whom a candidate belongs must submit an original copy of the Certification of Guarantee issued to the Sinulog Foundation. Failure to submit said certification will disqualify the candidate from participating in the search.


(ALL IN & COMPLETE WHEN SUBMITTED on January 11, 2019)

  • Completed Registration Form and Bio-Data (as provided for by the Sinulog Foundation Festival Queen 2019 Committee).
  • One (1) colored close-up half-body photo 4R
  • One (1) colored full-body photo 4R
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character signed by the Delegation Head.
  • Certification of Guarantee signed by Delegation Head or City/Town Mayor
  • Must submit a written “My Place in 60 seconds”. It will be a short write up of ones place in one hundred (100) words or less on or before January 11, 2019 to Sinulog office or through email marti.rat888@gmail.com and copy furnish to jhez1224@gmail.com for it would be used for the video recording as support and is part of the judging.
  • All documents must be inside a brown long envelope upon submission.

Note:  All requirements MUST BE submitted and accomplished to be qualified. In case of documents initially submitted through email before the deadline, an original hard copy must be submitted still on the deadline date January 11, 2019.


  • The candidate MUST participate and be present in all scheduled photo and video sessions, rehearsals and shows.
January 14, 2019 Monday 9AM to 5PM Video shoot for My Place at 60 seconds Cebu base candidates at Belly Dancing Room (Come in ready to shoot)
January 16, 2019 Wednesday 9AM to 12 NOON Official Photo shoot in FULL Costume & Video shoot for My Place at 60 seconds for Out of Town candidates at SM City Cebu – Food court stage
January 16, 2019


2PM to 4PM Rehearsals for Opening Production at CCSC Ballroom Hall
January 16, 2019


6PM Press Presentation in SM Seaside Mountain Wing Atrium
January 17, 2019 Thursday


1PM Blocking and rehearsals at SM Cebu Northwing
5PM SM City – Cebu Northwing Mall Show
8PM Technical rehearsals at the CCSC Grand Stage
January 18, 2019



7AM to 12 Noon Group Production blocking at the CCSC Grand Stage According to designated time allocated per group
3PM Pre-judging at the Media Room (Tardiness is not tolerated. No show – no score.)
5PM Sinulog Festival Queen Search

Note: Individual date and time schedule for the video shoot & group blocking will be announced through text message.

  • The costume worn during the Sinulog Festival Queen Competition must be exactly the same costume to be used during the Photo shoot, Grand Parade and Final Performance.
  • The candidate must secure nude or skin tone colored shoes for the Opening Production Number and black top for the video shoot of My Place in 60 seconds.
  • The candidate must prepare a Two (2) Minute Group Production number with her own live accompaniment (instrumentalists), back-up dancers and props.
  • The candidate introduction spiel SHOULD ONLY BE her Name, Name of Contingent, and the Place she came from. Five (5) point deduction for any additional lines.
  • The candidate is allowed to have a minimum of Twelve (12) and a maximum of Twenty-Four (24) Back-up dancers who should be wearing the same costumes to be used during the Grand Parade and Final Performance.
  • The candidate is allowed to have a minimum of Twelve (12) and a maximum of Twenty (20) Instrumentalists who should be wearing the costumes appropriate to the contingents’ theme and concept of presentation.
  • The Two (2) minute time requirement for the production presentation includes both entrance and exit routines. A deduction of Two (2) points per excess second will be given to the candidate whose production number goes beyond this allotted time requirement.
  • The candidate must be fully made up upon arrival for the video shoot and might bring official make-up artist cum assistant for retouch only.
  • The candidates together with their respective make-up artists will proceed to SM City Cebu Food court on January 16, 2019 – Wednesday for the photo shoot/pictorials. Failure to attend will mean a Five (5) point deduction and will automatically disqualify the candidate from the Miss Photogenic Award. Snacks as well as lunch will be provided for.  Take note that each candidate is allowed only one (1) make-up artist cum assistant for food allocation.
  • There shall be a Festival Queen Mall Show at Five in the evening (5PM) of January 17, 2019 – Thursday at the SM City Cebu Northwing. Best in Runway, Miss SM Sinulog Queen, Miss Photogenic and other corporate awards will be chosen during this show. Dinner will be provided.
  • Group Production rehearsal together with all her Back-up Dancers and Instrumentalists at the Grand Stage of the Cebu City Sports Center is sequenced according to a “first come first serve” basis or AS ANNOUNCED BY THE COMMITTEE but must present and register on the day January 18, 2019 to the in-charge time keeper.
  • Back-up Instrumentalists who will not attend the aforementioned General Rehearsal schedule will be given a Ten (10) point deduction in their scores for Best in Instrumentation.
  • The Sinulog Foundation, Sinulog Festival Queen Search Committee as well as the production head, through documented advice from the Festival Queen Search production staff, reserves the right to deduct Five (5) points on the candidates’ scores for tardiness, lack of cooperation and poor behaviour during pre-pageant events and rehearsals.
  • The candidate may use any other costume appropriate for the theme and concept of the contingent during the 2-minute production presentation and the one (1) minute Solo Performance the candidate must use their official costume.
  • The candidate’s costume must be in accordance to accepted standards of decency. The Sinulog is a religious festival so candidates must take care to wear costumes that do not in any way violate or insult religious and moral sensibilities.
  • The competition will be divided into four (4) phases:
  1. PRE-JUDGING at 3pm Friday, January 18, 2019 (25 pts. – Beauty and figure);
  2. OPENING PRODUCTION NUMBER (15 pts. – coordination with Back-up Dancers/Mastery of Dance/Costume/Projection/Beauty of Face and Figure/Content and Mastery of Opening Spiel);
  3. GROUP PRODUCTION PRESENTATION (30 pts. – Choreography/Performance & group coordination);
  4. SOLO PERFORMANCE (20 pts. – Individual Artistry and sense of style/Performance/Projection/Gracefulness/Costume).

The division are:

Beauty & Figure  – 25 pts.

Opening  – 15 pts.

Group  – 30 pts.

Solo – 20 pts.

Best IN Costume – 10 pts.

  • BEST DESIGN FOR FESTIVAL COSTUME AWARD – This award is given to the designer of the chosen winning costume which will be judged not only according to over-all aesthetics but also according to its FUNCTIONALITY in the context of dance, performance and choreography. Designers must therefore consider these in the design and construction of their works. Which must have a maximum dimension of 100 inches and must have NO WHEELS.
  • The Judges’ decision is final and is not open to any appeal.
  • The Sinulog Festival Queen Search Committee will not entertain any form of protest any time after the competition. Any protest before the search must be done in written form and must be with valid tangible proof/s.
  • The Sinulog Festival Queen Search Committee reserves the right to forfeit winners or strip them of their titles for any justifiable cause based on the given guidelines and on accepted standards of law, morality and decency.
  • Registration starts on December 15, 2018 and shall end on January 11, 2019 at 12 noon.

For inquiries, please contact SINULOG OFFICE +6332 2533700, +6332 2545010, Mr. Michael Pepito +639183024168 and may send a personal message on our Facebook page – Sinulog Festival Queen.


Festival Queen 2019 – P100,000.00

1st Runner-up – P50,000.00

2nd Runner-up – P30,000.00

3rd Runner-up – P20,000.00

4th Runner-up – P10,000.00

Miss Photogenic – P10,000.00

Best in Production Presentation – P10,000.00

Best in Group Presentation – P10,000.00

Best in Instrumentation – P10,000.00

Best IN Festival Costume – P10,000.00

Best Design (for Festival Costume)

Best in Solo Presentation – P10,000.00

Miss SM Sinulog Queen – P10,000.00 worth of Gift Certificates from SM

Best in Runway – P5,000.00 worth of Gift Certificates from SM

1st runner-up – P3,000.00 worth of Gift Certificates from SM

2nd runner-up – P2,000.00 worth of Gift Certificates from SM

And other corporate awards

Official Candidates will receive Php 20, 000.00 subsidy.

Sinulog Festival Queen 2019 Application Form
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