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  • Creativity/Artistry / Use of Lights – 30%
  • Relevance to Sinulog – 20%
  • Originality – 25%
  • Overall Impact – 15%
  • Discreet Use of Advertisement – 10%
    TOTAL – 100%


  1. 1. Maximum height of the float must not be higher than 12 feet or 3.5 meters from the ground level.
    2. The maximum length of the float must not be more than 10 meters long and must not be higher than 12 feet or 3.5 meters from the ground level.
    3. In celebration of the 40 th year and the upcoming quincentennial of the Sinulog Festival, commercialization of the float by painting the name of the sponsoring company or its product in LARGE AND BOLD LETTER must be minimized to 1 meter length, half meter height and must be placed at the bottom front or bottom side of the float.
    4. A float must depict a conceptualized drama, recounting the history and/ or miracle of the Santo Nino or any timeline history of Christianization. Live characters atop the float must be dressed in costumes that must conform to standards of morality. Failure to follow these guidelines would mean automatic removal and disqualification from the parade participation.
    5. A representative must attend a guideline workshop that will be scheduled by the Sinulog Office to align all the contestants with the visual requirements of the float. Contestants in this category must submit to the Sinulog Office the design and plot of the drama (which will be treated with the strictest confidentiality) to be approved by the Over-all chairmen.
    6. Should there be less than ten (10) contestants who will register in this category, then, this category shall be considered “NO CONTEST” and all prizes allocated shall revert to the Foundation.
    7. Twenty (20) support staff properly identified with color bands shall be allowed to accompany the float. Only one support vehicle shall be allowed.
    8. The decision of the Sinulog 2019 Board of judges in this category shall be FINAL and UNAPPEALABLE.
    9. Deadline for the registration in the Float Category shall be on January 4, 2020 (Friday).
    10. A Registration Fee of P45,000.00 shall be charged per entry.
    11. For process of payments please deposit it to Bank Name: Philippines National Bank (PNB), Account Name: Sinulog Foundation, Inc. and Account Number: 3006-70001108.
Float Registration Form 2020
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