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  • Creativity/Artistry – 30%
  • Relevance to Sinulog – 20%
  • Originality – 25%
  • Overall Impact – 15%
  • Discreet Use of Advertisement – 10%
    TOTAL – 100%


  1. Maximum height of the Higante must not exceed 12 feet.
  2. Only higantes powered and propelled by a person or persons inside its structural framework shall be allowed to participate in this contest.
  3. A higante placed on a wheeled platform or framework whose mobility is propelled by persons pushing or providing power to the movement of the vehicle shall not qualify to join this contest.
  4. Participants are absolutely prohibited from depicting the image of Señor Santo Niño as a higante.
  5. Participants are encouraged to create historical characters relevant to Sinulog as higante figures.
  6. Higantes that have competed, won or lost, in past Sinulog celebrations are disqualified from making a repeat participation in this contest.
  7. To avoid redundancy in the presentation of higantes that have competed, won or lost, in past Sinulog celebrations but the only noticeable change of which is its costume, the organizers reserves the right to disqualify that the contestant for violation of the rule that higantes must be of new make and not recycled.
  8. Should there be lesser than ten (10) contestants who will register in this category, then, the category shall be considered “NO CONTEST” and all prizes allocated shall revert to the Foundation.
  9. Winning entries in this category shall be considered as exclusive property of the Foundation.
  10. Deadline for the registration in the Higante Category shall be on January 4, 2019 (Friday).
  11. A Registration Fee of P1, 000.00 shall be charged per entry.


      • 1st Prize ————————- P 75,000.00
      • 2nd Prize ———————— P 45,000.00
      • 3rd Prize ————————- P 30,000.00
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