The parade shall be a festival in itself, combining color, music and larger-than-life puppetry. The puppets dance together with the audience in the carousel route. Each puppet’s specific movements should emphasize its distinct character.


  1. The puppet must be not less than 10 feet and must not exceed 18 feet high with wingspans not to exceed 16 feet wide. The puppet must be able to move effortlessly with the breeze.
  2. Each puppet must be manned by a costumed performer (wearing of slippers and sandals not allowed).
  3. The puppet must be colorful, depicting the fantasies of children. However, it should not be obscene or immoral. The puppet should not be grim-face or scary.
  4. Participants are absolutely prohibited from depicting the image of Senor Santo Nino or any religious icon.
  5. A puppet placed on a wheeled platform or framework whose mobility is assisted by person pushing or providing power to the movement of the vehicle shall not be allowed to join this contest.
  6. Entries are subject for screening by the Sinulog Foundation before being allowed to participate.
  7. Should there be less than six (6) contestants who will register in this category, shall be considered “NO CONTEST” and the prizes shall be divided among the participants.
  8. Winning entries in this category shall be considered as exclusive property of the Foundation.
  9. During the parade, the costumed performer shall be allowed to bring one assistant who will carry the number of the participant.
  10. Deadline on the registration for the Puppeteers Category shall be on January 10, 2020 (Friday).
  11. Any violation of the above stated guidelines shall disqualify the entry and will not be allowed to join the parade.
  12. Contestants are encouraged to attend an Orientation Conference to be scheduled before the contest.
  13. A Registration Fee of P1, 000.00 shall be charged per entry.


Creativity / Artistry / Use of Colors  – 30%

Originality – 30%

Relevance to the Theme – 20%

Over – All Impact – 20%

Total – 100%


1ST PRIZE – P 75,000.00

2ND PRIZE – P 45,000.00

3RD PRIZE – P 30,000.00

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