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  1. The use of indigenous or creative instruments from native materials like bamboos, leaves, woods, etc., is highly encouraged.
  2. Music from instruments such as electronic guitars, piano, organ, electronic drum sets, and all other electronic instruments are allowed.**
  3. The composition must be within the minimum of thirty (30) and a maximum of fifty (50) drummers / instrumentalist. A minimum of ten (10) and a maximum of twenty (20) for the choir.  An excess will merit the five (5) point deduction from the total score.**
  4. As an integral part of the contingent, instrumentalists must be in proper attire relevant to the interpretation of their chosen theme / concept.
  5. Instrumentalists who will be involved in any misconduct before and after the competition will be banned lifetime by the Sinulog Foundation, Inc. from participating in future competition. Further, instrumentalists who will commit such acts will deal with accordingly by the Cebu City Police Department.
  6. Instrumentalists are required to submit the names of band members.


Musicality –   40%

Variation, contrast of musical levels / dynamics

Showmanship –   25%

Group execution & coordination.

Discipline –   25%

Behavior, spacing & alignment.

Costume –   10%

Relevant to the theme / concept / motif.

Total – 100%

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