Visual Merchandising Contest (Malls, Department Stores, Retailers)

/Visual Merchandising Contest (Malls, Department Stores, Retailers)
Visual Merchandising Contest (Malls, Department Stores, Retailers)2017-11-30T09:57:08+00:00

1. All department stores, malls / retailers are qualified to join.
2. Concept for the display should be relevant to Sinulog.
3. The uses of flammable materials as part of the display are discouraged.
4. Should there be lesser than five (5) contestants who will register in this category, then this category shall be considered “NO CONTEST”.
5. The decision of the Sinulog 2018 Board of Judges in this category shall be FINAL and UNAPPELABLE.
6. Deadline for the registration in the Visual Merchandising shall be on Friday, January 12, 2018.
7. Final Judging will be on Wednesday, January 17, 2018.
8. Awarding of prizes will be on Monday, January 22, 2018, 1:00 P.M at the Cebu City Sports Center.
9. For more information, please call the Sinulog Foundation through Tel. Nos. 2533700 / 2545010.
10. Trophies will be awarded to the Top Three Winners.

Creativity / Artistry (This pertains to use of materials, tools and equipment resulting into Excellent, quality of end procedure.) – 30%
Relevance to Sinulog (refers to an idea reflecting the Sinulog “Spirit”. This year theme: “ONE BEAT, ONE DANCE, ONE VISION” – 30%
Originality (The main idea is centered theme upon which it must resolve to impress on the audience presentation. Must be fresh and novel. This also involves the manipulation of elements so that the end product shows a high degree of creativity and innovativeness particularly following principles of design and composition with in the parameter of aesthetics and good taste.) – 30%
Over-all Visual Impact – 10%

TOTAL 100%

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